What is marketing performance management and how can it help you?

One of marketing’s greatest challenges is providing its value to the business. Without demonstrable proof that marketing initiatives are driving business results, marketers’ budgets are easy pickings for leaders seeking to improve profitability or just keep the business afloat during challenging times.

And it’s not just marketing department jobs and media budgets that are at stake. Cutbacks in marketing investments often backfire. They can retard the velocity of sales, stunt the company’s brand development, jeopardize relations with customers and create opportunities for competitors to gain market share.

Though it’s been a perennial issue for CMOs, the pressure to justify their budgets to C-suite colleagues has never been more intense. Seventy-one percent of B2C marketing executives expected that demonstrating the value of marketing to the CEO, CFO and the board would be “very challenging” or “extremely challenging” in 2022, a Forrester survey found.

Marketing performance management chart

Gauging the relative success of each of your

CAYIN Digital Signage Proves to be the Go-to Marketing Solution Across Industries

CAYIN Digital Signage Sets New Marketing Trend in the Business World

CAYIN Technology brings forth a modernized way to tackle marketing and management needs in diverse industries.

A Customizable Digital Solution Suitable for Any Industry

As businesses today shift from traditional to digital, a need for new, convenient, and effective marketing and management strategies has surfaced. CAYIN Technology brings forth a modernized way to tackle marketing and management needs in diverse industries. With clients from the hospitality, government, education, medical and retail industry, CAYIN has successfully assisted various businesses in identifying their weaknesses and has thus provided effective and robust digital solutions that enhance each company’s strengths.

MSU Utilizes Informative Displays and Maximizes Efficiency

The Management & Science University, located in Shah Alam, Selangor, is an elite private university in Malaysia. CAYIN Technology was chosen as the university’s first-ever digital

Fernandez de Oliveira Wins Twice, Advances to Western Amateur Semifinal

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. – Rising University of Arkansas senior and All-American Mateo Fernandez de Oliveira had a pair of wins on Friday to advance to the semifinals at the 120th Western Amateur Championship, played at Exmoor Country Club.

Fernandez de Oliveira, ranked #29 by the World Amateur Golf Ranking, cruised to a 6&4 win over Yuxin Lin (#49 WAGR) in the Round of 16. He then took down Cole Sherwood (#22 WAGR) 3&1 in the quarterfinals.

After 72 holes of golf through three days and tying for fourth after stroke play, Fernandez de Oliveira defeated Lin, a rising senior with the Florida Gators in the morning Round of 16. Lin won the opening hole, but Fernandez de Oliveira squared the match by winning the second. The Razorback won holes 4 and 5 for a 2-Up lead. Lin cut his deficit in half by winning hole #7. Fernandez de Oliveira answered

Digital Marketing Gets Agile

How marketing teams can thrive in a volatile world.

There are times when getting agile is the only option.

The pandemic pivot is an obvious example. But there are equally intense, albeit less dramatic, examples of forced agility happening throughout organizations every day.

In my case, it was when our digital marketing organization was tasked with rebranding our global website in less than six weeks. The project involved more than 30 teams and six geographies—and needed to happen over the holidays. Good times!

The only way we were able to accomplish this—and stay relatively sane and committed to the work—was by using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), running on the Now Platform.

In simple terms, SAFe is a set of Agile best practices that help large organizations quickly develop and deliver high-quality products

‘Breaking barriers’: Marketing professor Maura Scott named Rockwood Eminent Scholar

Maura Scott is the new Dr.  Exactly E. and Dr.  Charles E. Rockwood Eminent Scholar in Marketing in the FSU College of Business.
Maura Scott is the new Dr. Exactly E. and Dr. Charles E. Rockwood Eminent Scholar in Marketing in the FSU College of Business.

Florida State University marketing professor Maura Scotta pioneer in her field and a scholarly champion of the underserved, finds herself reflecting on the legacy of Persis Rockwood — the late FSU marketing professor who established so many firsts that she might as well have trademarked the word.

Rockwood became the first woman to earn a doctorate in marketing from Stanford University, the first woman to attain the status of full professor of marketing at FSU and the first woman elected as president of the Southern Marketing Association, now the Society for Marketing Advances.

“Exactly E. Rockwood remains an inspiring trailblazer with many ‘firsts’ to her name,” Scott said. “I can imagine the challenges, as well as the sense of accomplishment, Dr. Rockwood must have experienced as