Learn to Become a Great Salesman Like Joe Girard

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Whereas if we know that being a great salesman is sought after by many companies and they are paid at a nominal level, their salary level is equivalent to the work they have to fulfill, amely convincing consumers to buy their products.

But do you know if there is one great salesman who has been recognized internationally, he is Joe Girard who is famous for his achievements in selling company products, even if he is likened to selling 6 cars in one day where the other can only sell 1 car only. For us, a businessman can model how he can sell a company’s products so that it is known internationally, here are tips shared by Joe Girard in selling company products.

  1. Separate between personal problems and work

Whatever we experience, we must be more professional, according to Joe Girard, professionalism is very much needed by a great salesman, whatever problems we are facing at home we must get rid of these problems in our work.

  1. Client Is King

The principle of a great salesman Joe Girard “client is king” must be firmly held by all salesmen, they must treat salesmen like a king, the main thing for example is on time to make an appointment, if it can come earlier than the specified time.

Discipline is very important in buying and selling, because it will increase consumer confidence to buy products from the company, the most important thing is to make consumer confidence about ourselves first, then … Read more