8 Homemade Items That Can Be Property Photo Products. Cheap, you don’t have to be grandiose

The existence of a pandemic like now certainly has an effect on all aspects of life, especially social and economic aspects.

Today, many people have started to set up small home businesses, most of whose products are food & beverage or clothing. In promoting these businesses, usually several people take product photos. However, due to a pandemic that limits community activities outside, these activities can only be carried out at home.

When doing product photos, properties are usually needed to enhance the results of the photos.

So that it can add value to the product to be marketed. With a modest budget, you can still produce good photos to market your product. One of the keys lies in the properties or additional objects to arrange the layout. So, let’s just take a look, let’s see, a list of objects and photo properties that can be used to add to the beauty of product photos!

  1. Mirrors are not only used for preening, huh. Try using a mirror as one of the photo props for your home products. This thing can really add to the aesthetic value of the product photos
  2. Do not neglect the white cloth or plain color cloth at home. This item can also be used to sweeten your product photos foto
  3. The napkins in the kitchen, apart from being used as cloths, can also be used as photo props. Eits, but don’t forget to wash it clean first
  4. Chopping boards are usually used as kitchen utensils but are often used as wall hangings and even photo properties
  5. Those at home have a wooden table, it can really be used as a base for product photos. Instead of being confused looking for other properties
  6. Don’t tell me that stones don’t have aesthetic value. Stone can also be used as a product photo props as shown below
  7. Plain paper whatever color is on the desk, just use it as a photo props for your product. Save and easy, right?
  8. Old newspapers that have not been read, rather than being neglected, should be used as a photo property of your product

Those are some things that are at home and can be used as photo props, guys! It’s worth a try to add aesthetic value and appeal to your product photos. Because indeed, usually pleasing product photos will attract the attention of many people.