Diseases That Need Long Term Care


Long term care includes a variety of services and provides assistance for non-medical and medical needs of people suffering from chronic illnesses. The long term care is mainly for people who cannot take care of themselves. Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that needs long term care and it is diagnosed only after many years of its occurring. The symptoms that occur during the early stages include short-term memory loss and is mainly caused due to stress or aging. The other symptoms that occur for an Alzheimer sufferer include mood swings, anger, long-term memory loss, confusion and language breakdown. The symptoms vary for every individual and the duration of this disease ranges between 5-20 years.

Long-Term Services

The main services that are included in the long term care include non-skilled and custodial care. The patients availing non-skilled care are assisted with daily tasks such as feeding, using the bathroom, etc. The long term care is provided to individuals by skilled practitioners who can address the chronic conditions properly. The care is provided not only in nursing homes but even at home and in the community.

Diseases that Require Long Term Care

Some of the diseases that require long term care apart from Alzheimer’s disease include Dementia, Parkinson disease and Senile. The long term care services are mainly provided to meet the personal health care needs of an individual. The services have mainly been designed for individuals who cannot perform their daily activities on their own.

Chronic Conditions that Need Care

The other chronic conditions that affect people and require assistance include cancer, stroke, diabetes and musculoskeletal conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis. Visual impairment and blindness are also conditions that require care and assistance. It is very important for people suffering from any cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease to plan as soon as possible and avail long term care.

The services of long term care are expensive. Hence, it is always best to enjoy an active social life and for that you must eat healthy and incorporate regular physical activity in your life. You must avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and stay away from unhealthy lifestyle.

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