Transaction Cloud Launches Affiliate Marketing Feature for SaaS Businesses and Startups

Transaction Cloud is a US-based Fintech company that provides services to SaaS and digital product companies worldwide. The company recently launched new affiliate marketing management & automatic payout services with many other features.

Barrington, Rhode Island–(Newsfile Corp. – September 13, 2022) – Transaction Cloud is a US-based Fintech company. It provides services to SaaS and digital product companies worldwide. In the recent development, the newly emerged fintech company launched a new feature known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing functions as part of their payments, sales tax, and subscription platform.

Transaction Cloud

Transaction Cloud’s affiliate marketing feature will help SaaS (software as a service) and digital product startup companies to rapidly scale their business by harnessing the power of affiliate marketing without the added administrative and accounting costs. The modern and fast checkout interface with the most number of payment methods has already helped various SaaS companies increase their conversion rates. The company offers solutions for global payment processing, affiliate marketing management & payouts, automated sales tax compliance, subscription management & billing, fraud prevention, and key data for business growth. Vendors using these services on Transaction Cloud’s platform, can go to market quickly and focus their efforts on improving their products and rapidly growing their business.

The addition of the affiliate marketing feature makes Transaction Cloud the fast-growing revenue stack platform for SaaS and digital products companies.

This feature solves three issues:

  1. Eliminates the need to develop in-house or integrate a third-party affiliate marketing feature
  2. Eliminates the administrative and accounting costs related to onboarding, tracking, managing, and paying out affiliates
  3. Eliminates the corporate income tax nexus that is created by hiring affiliates in different tax jurisdictions

Additionally, some of the significant benefits of Transaction Cloud’s Affiliate Marketing feature are:

  1. Zero code setup
    1. Set up affiliate marketing and campaigns within minutes
    2. Zero coding or configuring required on your website
    3. Custom branding for affiliate sign-up page
  2. Complete affiliate management system
    1. Complete system for onboarding, accepting, tracking, and managing affiliates
    2. Automatically remit payments to affiliates
    3. Hire an army of affiliates and incentivize them to grow your business
  3. Fraud protection
    1. Automatically and accurately deduct commissions based on refunds and chargebacks
    2. Protect from fraud and monitor performance metrics of affiliates and develop actionable insights

With Transaction Cloud’s insightful, easily available data SaaS companies spend less time data mining and more time in taking meaningful actions. With Transaction Cloud’s proprietary Singularity IntegrationTM architecture, a vendor can start tax-compliantly accepting payments within minutes. Similarly, an affiliate marketing campaign can be set up within minutes. Integration of the subscription management feature can be completed within an hour. In conclusion, integration with Transaction Cloud’s platform is quick and robust.

Transaction Cloud offers an all-in-one solution for global payments, affiliate marketing management & payouts, automated sales tax compliance, subscription management and recurring billing with one quick and robust integration.

In addition, Transaction CloudTM uses its innovative Singularity-IntegrationTM architecture, which combines One-Directional-APITM and One-Data-CloudTM. Vendors can quickly integrate Transaction Cloud’s platform with plug-in codes, ready to embed management tools and API calls. There are no webhooks to configure, test, monitor & maintain. It saves valuable development and testing time.

Moreover, there is no chance of missed or duplicate webhook calls; there is no synchronization issue due to conflicting data stored on vendors and Transaction Cloud servers. Additionally, the points of failure and maintenance costs over the long run are significantly reduced, resulting in a robust system.

Consequently, the company strives to be a trusted partner in growing its clients’ businesses by taking care of all these complexities so that its vendors’ employees can focus on essential things such as developing their products, acquiring customers, and increasing customer satisfaction.

About Transaction Cloud

Transaction Cloud ( is a US-based fintech company. Transaction Cloud provides services to SaaS and digital product companies worldwide. Transaction Cloud focuses on simplifying payments, sales tax compliance, affiliate marketing, subscription management, and fraud prevention process for its vendors.

Transaction Cloud’s complete revenue stack covers complicated topics such as global payments, payment methods, currencies, affiliate payouts, recurring billing, standards, sales taxes (VAT, GST, HST, QST, PST), fraud detection, regulations, and consequential corporate income tax .

Transaction Cloud is the perfect solution for small to large sized SaaS businesses and the best partner for a startup for selling in a new global digital world. It helps SaaS and digital products companies to quickly launch and rapidly grow their business while reducing their software development, administrative, and accounting costs. SaaS and digital products companies can harness the power of Transaction Cloud’s proprietary Singularity IntegrationTM architecture, save costs, save resources, launch quickly, and rapidly scale their business.

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