Unlocking The Secrets Of Restoration 1 of San Fernando Valley

Are you a quality individual who takes pride in your work? If so, you have what it takes to be a core team member of a restoration company. Restoration 1 of San Fernando Valley seeks a hardworking and talented Restoration Technician. This independently owned and operated Restoration 1 franchise is not affiliated with, employed by, or under the supervision of Restoration 1 Franchise Holding, LLC.

Water Damage

Water damage from burst pipes, washing machines, or floods caused by storms can ruin furniture and other items if not dealt with immediately. Suppose the water stays longer inside your house. In that case, you will have more problems like mold and bacteria, structural damage to walls and floors, and costly furnishings and personal belongings replacements.

Sewage damage is a severe health hazard and should only be handled by professionals trained in sewage cleanup. Raw sewage contains harmful bacteria that can cause disease and destruction to your property and belongings. Our certified sewage cleanup crew has the training, equipment, and experience to safely and effectively restore your home or business to normal. We can also help with your insurance claim. Call us 24/7 for a free estimate.

Mold Removal

As a professional property restoration service, we offer mold removal solutions for homes and businesses. We begin by thoroughly inspecting and identifying the mold’s source. We eliminate the spores and ensure the affected areas are properly cleaned and sanitized.

Having mold in your commercial building is more than just an inconvenience; it can compromise the structural integrity of your business and create health hazards for employees and customers. Discovering the presence of mold can also force you to halt operations, and every day you are closed means lost revenue.

Steve brings nearly twenty years of experience in a variety of leadership roles and a passion for serving others to the table. Erin adds a deep understanding of legal, office, and administrative support functions to the team. Together, they are a solid team that will help you return to normal after disaster strikes. Restoration 1 of San Fernando Valley is an independently owned and operated franchise.

Fire Damage

Fire damage can occur in a variety of forms and types. For example, a fire caused by an electrical issue will affect your property differently than a fire caused by naked flames. The resulting damage often requires special fire restoration services to fix and restore your property correctly.

When inspecting a fire-damaged property, look for water, smoke, and heat damage. These can cause surfaces such as walls and ceilings to become discolored and may also result in charring or warping of wood, plastic, and metal.

Depending on the severity of the fire and whether or not an investigation is taking place, you can begin some repairs immediately. However, waiting for the fire department to deem the property safe to enter before starting work is essential. Also, you’ll want to get clearance from the investigators before proceeding. This could take days or months to complete, depending on the circumstances of the fire.

Mold Remediation

While minor mold problems in places like bathroom corners can be handled by homeowners, more severe mold growth requires professional remediation. A trained mold remediation technician will remove the mold and help correct the situations that led to it in the first place. This may include addressing a leaky pipe, reducing humidity levels, and limiting organic material in the home that mold can latch on to.

During this process, building materials affected by mold are typically removed and sent for specialized cleaning or disposed of as needed. Porous items like carpet and drywall may have to be completely removed and discarded, even if they seem clean.

Restoration technicians will also perform a contents packout when necessary. This involves removing saveable items, such as textiles, hard goods, personal belongings, and electronics, from the damaged areas and taking them off-site to be restored. Lastly, clearance testing will ensure the remediated site is safe for reconstruction and occupancy.