Why Should You Get Car Insurance Online?


Car insurance policies provide one the required amount to meet any unfortunate events like accidents, theft, or any third party liability. Any legal liability that arises from such an unforeseen set of circumstances can be easily dealt with if you have car insurance online.

Moreover, it is mandatory for every car owner as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to get covered under an active car insurance policy to keep running their cars on Indian Roads.

So read along to find out whether the insurer you have chosen is meeting all your requirements or not!

Is your Service provider giving you the best policies of car insurance online?

 To know if the services provided to you are worth the premiums paid, you need to have a look at the following factors.

  • Car Make, Model, and Variant

It is certain that expensive and luxurious cars ask for a higher premium. So it is on this basis that you can critically decide on the base premium.

  • Year of Manufacture: It’s on this basis that the insurer assesses the Insured Declared Value (IDV) and lets you know your annual premium for the car.
  • Additional covers: Most insurance providers tend to provide you cover for car accessories at an additional premium of 4 on its value.
  • Always try buying smart. And this is possible by hunting for various discounts

○    Age discount

○    Anti-theft discount

○    No claim bonus

○    Professional cut voluntary excess deduction AAI

Choose the right car insurance online

There are mainly three forms of car insurance policies available in the market.

  • Third Party or Liability Cover

This insurance policy not only covers against accidents and other hazards but it also covers against the damage caused to the third party’s property and monetary assistance during an accident.

  • Comprehensive Cover

This serves as an umbrella which protects you from all sorts of adversities like vandalism, theft and accident. This is the best cover you can have if you are a regular driver.

With a plethora of car insurances online in the market, you could choose the best within a short span of time. And this is possible with the help of online policies, as they aid in comparing different policies based on various factors.

  • Based on vehicle: Every car is different. Be it features or models, your car will have different aspects. So get your car’s age, fuel capacity inspected and then select a plan with a low premium, by comparing various policies online.
  • Once you have decided which insurance company will best suit your needs, go to its website and fill in the essential requirements. Within minutes you’ll get covered under a good plan.
  • The online car insurance policy is absolutely quick and hassle-free.
  • After choosing the right car insurance online, you can customize it with the following features

○    Personal accident rider: This is an additional feature that can be added to the comprehensive plan by paying an extra premium. This aims to provide the policyholder with coverage of medical expenses due to damage and personal injury.

○    Save through by paying higher deductibles:  If one chooses to pay higher deductibles while taking up a policy, the insurer manages to provide you with a discount on premiums later. You can get 40-50 less premium amount if you don’t file claims for 3-4 years regularly. The no claim bonus is something that can result because of this.

○    Cover for Car accessories:

Many policies provide you with protection for car accessories. Instead of fitting a new car accessory, it is always cost-effective to opt for separate add-on policies.

  • Another factor while considering the policy is to look for how fast each company is in the claim settlement process. This is, in fact, a crucial point to be considered while choosing policies online. Faster claim settlement process and procedures will make the unfortunate situations hassle-free.

So rush to compare and choose car insurance online, and have a safe ride with the confidence of being covered under an adequate car insurance policy. The online car insurance policy is no more time consuming and difficult. You just need to go to the company’s website online or an insurance aggregator website like Coverfox.com, choose the plan, fill in details, make the payment and you’re done.